LiveWell Medical Clinic

At LiveWell Medical, our strong principles and values shape the way in which we treat our patients and manage our centres.
We strive to provide the best, most comprehensive care to patients without sacrificing convenience or the overall patient experience.

LiveWell Medical Vision & Mission

We aim to be the first-choice destination for healthcare. Within our centres, patients can access a range of allied health practitioners and specialists who supplement the family general practice to deliver the best primary care. We achieve this by partnering with exceptional doctors who share our vision.

We are building a leading socially responsible medical organisation and we provide excellent facilities for doctors to practice family medicine.

For our Patients

  1. The doctor-patient relationship is crucial and relies on the highest level of trust, respect and care
  2. Family doctors are the corner stone to a healthy household
  3. Doctors, nurses and other support staff must collaborate to offer the best care possible to patients
  4. Success is measured by how well each patient is treated rather than by how many patients are treated
  5. Providing a comprehensive facility for all patient needs will make health more convenient for patients

For our Doctors

  1. You should be able to fully trust your colleagues
  2. You have freedom of choice and clinical autonomy
  3. Your wider role in the community is very important
  4. A fixed contract is not a necessary basis for our relationship, but rather that you will choose to practice in our centres once we earn your trust and respect